Bad Behaviour in the Workplace - is it your Greatest Asset??

We all know it, we've all seen it - have you got that one staff member who just does ridiculously stupid things, like they are deliberately trying to make you angry??? Guess what - they probably are!

Quite often some of the worst behaviours can come from your most loyal & passionate team-members. When we see this behaviour in the workplace the first question to ask is "What is driving that behaviour?" and more importantly "What might I be doing to contribute to this behaviour?"  There is a high probability this person wants your attention. Why?? So they can finally have their say & air their grievance. It's like a personal protest.

Those of you who are high achievers with personality traits vastly different to other team-members would automatically question with great irritation and frustration “Why don’t they just come and tell me what’s wrong?” The reality is many people just aren’t comfortable with confrontation, conflict, or even just having to point out a problem – in case they end up wearing the blame.

If you find this behaviour in your workplace call the individual aside for an informal 1:1 chat. In setting aside time to talk, you are showing your team-members they are valued - you value their contribution and their contribution makes a difference to the business (increases engagement & motivation). You will find once the problem is discussed in a non-reactive environment, regulating our emotions without confrontation or conflict, the behaviour will stop and the motivation levels will shoot up once again.  

Remember - Someone who doesn't care about you, the business, or their job, will just simply resign. Those who actually care about what’s going on will be cranky and do innately stupid things if they are uncomfortable with confrontation but inherently want the situation to change.

Your people are what differentiate you - nurture, train, empower & invest in them.


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