Your People

Your people represent who you are . . . what you stand for . . . what you believe in. 

They are vital to your business’s performance, productivity, revenue, and success; 

. . . they manage and sustain your culture.

 Your People are what differentiate you from your competition – nurture, skill, train, empower, and invest in them.

- Leadership Development

Upskilling from ‘team-mate’ to managing your team-mates.
Promotions are exciting, challenging - usually well-deserved - but fraught with ‘changes & dangers’. The transition from 'doing' to 'managing' requires a whole new mind-set! When a person’s role changes – those around you can shift how they view a manager and change how they act & behave within the business. Our half-day Workshop is based on organisational behaviour & psychological theories of behaviour change. Our facilitators are successful long-term business owners & understand the realities of what really happens in the workplace & lead participants through a stepped process on how to achieve a successful transition.

All participants will create & implement an individualised, stepped, ‘Development Plan’ specific to your workplace, your situation, and your team.
The program is suitable for:
  • New internally promoted managers & supervisors, 
  • Identified future managers, and
  • Those in positions of high persuasion
“Big Leadership 4 Small Business”
- Leadership for Employers  

Positive change in your workplace, measured by bottom-line metrics, is simple – if its’ driven from the top down.  

This program is the ‘how to’ of creating a workplace with increased staff productivity, workplace satisfaction, a culture of accountability & self-management. 
It includes;

1. How to ensure you are hiring the right people & increase staff retention rates. 2. How to build a communication structure to retain & motivate staff -increasing workplace satisfaction & productivity. 3. Creating a culture of mutual accountability & self-management. 4. How to manage diverse personalities & increase staff engagement & positive outcomes. 5. Identifying what is driving the behaviour in your workplace & in your business. 6. Training - the underlying value & the risks. 7. Non-confrontational performance management discussions - preparation, language, & outcomes.  8. How to delegate to empower staff & build succession plans

The program consists of 2.5hr monthly modules of 8 people (max.) & provides a platform to implement continuous improvement in your business in a stepped progression - increasing change-sustainability. Our facilitators have the business-experience, strategies, and know-how to ensure positive change in YOUR workplace, with YOUR teams.

Suitable for:
  •  Business owners, employers, & GMs,
 – Leadership Development

Upskilling staff in supervisory, managerial and team leader roles.

This program enables those in key supervisory roles to be able to manage diverse personalities, diverse situations and lead their team to become productive, cohesive, motivated and self-managed workplaces. Especially suited for those who have had limited professional development yet are passionate about their purpose.

Leadership training has been shown to - re-motivate staff, boost morale, increase staff retention, strengthen teams, create respected leaders, and increase productivity.
The program consists of 2.5hr monthly modules or 8 people (max.) and is a development program which allows participants time to implement and achieve positive change - rather than a one-off course which provides great theory but doesn't deliver on practicality in the workplace.

The program is suitable for:

  • Internally newly-appointed managers i.e. promoted from being a team-mate to 'managing your team-mates';
  • Managers who have limited, or no, previous leadership training;   
  • Identified future managers; and       
  • Those who require a structured program to achieve permanent, positive outcomes.        


  • Programs are based upon psychological theories of organisational behaviour and behaviour change and consists of 7 leadership domain workshops over a six month period. 

  • Programs can include the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator  (MBTI) which provides a solid foundation in identifying & understanding diverse personalities; increasing positive communicative strategies.

    Groups are restricted to max. 8 participants per program, facilitated by an experienced coach with extensive multi-industry experience, underpinned with Behavioural Science (Psychology & Organisational Behaviour).

Individual Leadership Workshops

    • Effective Communication in the Workplace
    • Team Building: Building YOUR Team
    • Effective Delegation 
    • Motivation: Feedback, Praise & Recognition                
    • Accountability & Problem solving      
    • Time Management                

Assessment Tools

The Shiift360 (360deg Survey)

Pulse Surveys

MBTI  Personality Trait Assessment

 On-line Leadership Self-Assessments

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Business Coaching:

A business coach can assist you in gaining an external perspective on recurring issues. Let us provide you with the following:

  • A confidential, neutral sounding board for new ideas and proposed objectives

  • Unique experiences, knowledge and wisdom across a diversity of industries and roles, to assist you in your decision-making

  • Clarity in decision making and problem-solving
  • Increased interpersonal effectiveness & communication skills
  • Increased confidence & awareness of your strengths
  • Ability to set defined goals & action plans

Management Mentoring:

Shiift provides Management Mentoring for your management team to provide them with the tools to better manage the business and the team.  Our mentoring sessions set a solid framework for your management team to use to create cohesive and productive departmental teams. We provide easy to follow solutions and strategies for the challenges presented by differing organisational values, diverse personality traits and learned behaviours and help your managers identify what drives the behaviour in your workplace.

Individual mentoring for managers provides consistent, competent and carefully actioned solutions to human resource challenges. We provide the platform and behavioural change knowledge for managers to better manage their people, giving them the confidence in their own ability to do so.”


Our thoughts become our reality, and unfortunately, often our own worst enemy. If you find your thoughts not matching your reality, causing you to query, compare or wonder “what if” then take the first step to change.
Shiift creates the ideal environment, providing cognitive self-assessing techniques to start the journey forward.


Challenge your parameters – those limiting thoughts and beliefs - through the exploration process.
Shiift creates the space where you get to explore “what if” without being judged. Concepts can be practiced, ideologies expanded, and perceptions explored.


Become the person you aspired to be in the ‘think’ stage; Here is your reality.


You choose how: Coaching; Mentoring; Mind-mapping; MBTI analysis, Personality profiling

Training Needs Analysis 

Looking to grow your business but not sure you have the skills required in your personnel? Let us assist in assessing your current skill-set and identify your “sources of potential”. 

WHAT WE DO: 1:1 assessments are undertaken to determine current & desired skill-sets. 

These are mapped back to your organisational structure and identify existing strengths and gaps, assisting you in determining training or recruitment requirements to achieve the business growth you seek. 

(This process often provides relevant information / feedback to assist with culture development.)

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