Leadership Development Program, 14th June 2018

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This is a development program which allows participants time to implement and achieve positive change - rather than a one-off course which provides great theory but doesn't deliver on practicality in the workplace.

Our monthly sessions target professional development for new, long-term, or unskilled managers & supervisors - linking theory to YOUR workplace. Participants apply theory and knowledge gained through the program and convert to real-life action plans - measurable and achievable - to be actioned in your workplace. Our experienced facilitator is a long-term medium-business owner with a Bachelor in Behavioural Studies (Psychology & Organisational Behaviour) and understands the realities of the workplace & the behaviours within.
Each workshop leads into the next month's learnings. Participants are required to select and implement 2 identified positive changes each month and report back on the outcomes the following month. Identified outcomes: re-motivate staff, boost morale, increase productivity, increase workplace enjoyment & staff retention, strengthen workplace teams. Cost is $127.50 pp, per workshop, inc. workbooks.

Available Slots: 12
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