Workplace Culture - a symptom.......but what is the cause???

Often there are niggly problems in our organisations that, if left unmanaged, can spill over to become big problems. Being time poor, we are usually forced to look for quick-fix solutions to fix these issues and forge ahead. However........ How often do we ask "what is the cause of this problem? Why did this happen? Will it occur again?". For most of us -...

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Families in Business

The Family Business....differentiating your family from your business! Always wanted to own your own business and visualised eternal dreams of personal happiness and success?? However, the realities of managing your business and being present with your family are proving more difficult than those long ago dreams........... Whose vision is it........ Thi...

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Accountabilities and Expectations - it doesn't have to be difficult

You have to have one of those know those talks which you shouldn't have to have because people should just do their job - right? Wrong......... The first question we need to ask ourselves is have we supplied the person with enough information? Have we clarified their role, leaving no room for ambiguity? Have we explained the task in enough ...

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